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NRG Dynamics

NRG Dynamics has trucks operating in nine states and is poised for expansion with authority to operate in all 48 continental U.S. states. Our modern, 100% cloud-powered fleet delivers top-notch service and safety, hauling Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPGs) across the West where we have access to nearly every loading facility west of the Mississippi. A specialized carrier, we are the premier provider of safe and compliant MC-331 tanker transportation, while seamlessly switching gears to haul liquid asphalt (hot oil) and emulsions for summer road construction, proving our versatility.
overhead shot of rail yard

NRG Rail

NRG Rail is initially focused on transloading, industry nomenclature for transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another en route to their final destination. By starting with transloading, NRG Rail gains valuable experience, optimizes operations, and lays the groundwork for their terminal ambitions. It's a strategic move that positions them for long-term success in the LPG market. This initial phase serves as a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal: a full-fledged LPG terminal operation. The southern Arizona site will boast an impressive setup with 18 rail spots, 9 dual-sided towers, and 1.2 million gallons of storage approved and permitted. Phase 1 kicks off with 5 towers, 360,000 gallons of storage, and 2 loading racks, allowing NRG Rail to hit the ground running with transloading operations. However, the real magic happens later. Once construction progresses, the transloader takes a bow, and the site transforms into a full-fledged LPG terminal, unlocking its true potential.
Ape fuels truck

APE Fuels

Founded in 2001 with a mission to serve Tucson and beyond, APE Fuels has grown into a trusted partner for over 2,000 customers, managing a network of 1,500+ leased propane tanks. APE (which is actually an acronym for Advance Petroleum Energy) Fuels is a cornerstone of the Titan NRG family of companies, all founded on consistent pricing and phenomenal customer service, a recipe for success that's fueled our journey for 20 years. 

APE Fuels is not just our local provider, not by any means. APE Fuels represents the final leg in Titan NRG's ambitious vision of “from refinery to retail,” delivering energy directly from source to communities nationwide. We believe that our integrated approach will provide preferred pricing for customers and higher margins for our company, creating a cascading effect of more retail customers and increased attention by bigger energy players looking for partnerships and acquisitions.


Titan NRG plays a vital role in the U.S. energy landscape by transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a versatile fuel mixture predominantly composed of propane and butane. Think of Titan NRG as the bridge between LPG production and its everyday uses where we are instrumental in keeping homes warm, industries running, and communities thriving. Oh, and we also keep America’s roads smooth.


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