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At Titan NRG, we are simply relentless in our passion for fueling real returns. See how our company’s strategic energy and transportation solutions power homes, business, and your portfolio. Enjoy the rewards with Titan NRG’s diversified market-leading position, consistent growth, and a vision for a sustainable, prosperous future where management and investors are unequivocally aligned.

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Shine Bright or Flicker Faintly

Let’s be real. In a world of investment pathways, bypassing Titan NRG risks leaving your portfolio in the dark. Don't be the one who misses out on Titan NRG's explosive growth trajectory, market leadership, and sustainability impact. Don't settle for mediocre gains and missed opportunities. Grab the torch of energy prominence and Titan NRG’s expansion or resign yourself to the lukewarm glow of competition. The choice is yours, but remember, the future is directed by confident moves (or passive regrets).

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By The Numbers:

Our Expansion Burns Bright

Years in Business
Transport Vehicles
States in Service
Gallons Transported Annually
Residential Leased Tanks
Gallons Storage Approved
Residential Customers
Rail Terminal Spots

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“At Titan NRG, our success hinges on one guiding principle: powering happy customers and delivering strong returns. Every decision we make revolves around providing safe, profitable energy solutions, because when our customers thrive, so do our shareholders.”
-Alex Majalca, Jr., CEO Titan NRG

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Titan NRG, Inc. is a public company listed on OTC (Over The Counter) Markets under the ticker “TTNN”.
Retail investors must execute transactions (buy and sell orders) in OTC securities through a registered broker-dealer, a list of which is available here.
A common way for retail investors to buy an OTC stock is through creating an account with a traditional or online broker (e.g. Schwab, E*Trade, Robinhood, etc.). OTC equities cannot be purchased directly from OTC Markets Group. All transactions occur through market makers, rather than individual investors.
Do not be shy about asking questions to different brokers, such as those regarding fractional share purchases, minimum requirements, and fees associated with any buys and sells.
*Thank you for your interest in Titan NRG. We are excited to share our story and investment potential with you. Our website and growing body of documentation provides an overview of our business, financial performance, and future plans to help the public with their due diligence to make informed investment decisions. We advise anyone visiting our site to read our complete disclosure document and to consult with a qualified financial analyst before making any investment decisions. (We will need to write a comprehensive disclosure policy for the website)
Invest in the Future of Fuels
Explore the benefits of investing in Titan NRG today. We combine deep expertise in energy and transportation, providing diversified exposure for investors seeking long-term value.
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