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Mission Statment

We're focused on providing our customers with safe, consistent, and reliable energy and transportation solutions.  We're committed to continuous improvement and achieving value-added results in order to exceed our customer's and shareholders expectations. We believe there's a win-win solution to solve almost every challenge. 

Management Team


Alex Majalca Jr.

Alex is an accomplished propane co-founder and executive with over 20 years experience in the propane industry, including vehicle and commercial applications, retail operations, wholesale, transportation, and rail. Alex is currently the President and CEO of Titan NRG Inc. His previous executive positions include President and COO of APE Fuels Inc., a retail propane company in the Tucson area, with his most recent position as Executive Vice President of Titan NRG LLC.  “Being a Co-Founder gives me intimate knowledge on how to move companies forward efficiently. I believe that we’ve built a solid foundation of companies that can be replicated in other regions at an accelerated pace. The upcoming years have the potential to be very exciting.”

Alex’s hobbies mostly revolve around motorsports, with a passion for  dirt circle track racing.  From chassis to the winner’s circle, Alex’s knowledge as a crew chief has earned him and his team many trophies including a track championship. He also enjoys gaming, having been a gamer since a young age.


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Henry Varga

As Secretary/Treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO), Henry W. Varga is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, and treasury. His career spans more than 40 years of varied experience including financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy. He holds professional titles such as Certified Public Accountant, Global Financial Management Accountant, and numerous Financial Forensics certifications. 


Henry’s hobbies are mostly centered around Community Service and Church activities.  He also volunteers at the local Adult Center, Food Bank and is also very active in Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, and other charities. 


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Brandon Burdine


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Samantha Johnson



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